Breakfast Burritos, Poker Hands and Skydivers…Just Another Day at the Ranch

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Greenleaf, Idaho, April 24, 2010 - The Greenleaf Air Ranch team recently invited a few "pilot friends" to fly into the "air ranch" for a little breakfast. What began simply as a gathering of a few friends, quickly became a full-scale fly-in event, complete with skydivers, prize giveaways and over fifty aircraft visiting the property.

The fun fly in event, not only included many of Idaho's aviation community, but also city and county officials, local business owners and residents attended the event. Greenleaf Mayor Brad Holton and his wife Laura attended the event and were delighted with the turnout and the interest in the Air Ranch.

Acrobatic Aviator Greg Poe and friends flew in to see firsthand what all of the buzz has been about. Greenleaf Air Ranch principals, John and Ed Priddy were also on site to answer questions about new plans for the property and to discuss the new, unique and exciting "Aviation Commercial Zone."

The highlight of the day's activities was the "drop in" (literally) from the sky. Sky Divers “Bullet” Bob Denton, Rob Cooper, Dan Howard and Chris Halstead braved a "slight" crosswind and all made picture perfect landings. Pilot Joe Dory took the "dive" a step further by inviting Rob Herndon aboard his Breezy. Herndon wowed the crowd with a great jump and a spectacular landing.

The best part was that all of us enjoyed a picture-perfect spring day at the ranch.

Congratulations to our prize winners...

1st place with the winning hand of 4 Aces was Beth Shannon of Kuna Idaho. She won a SPOT Satellite Messenger plus 1 year's activation. She had never played poker before and wasn't sure she'd be able to tell if she had a good hand...she figured it out!

2nd place with 4 Kings was Mark & Tammy Cotner of Greenleaf, ID. They also won a SPOT Satellite Messenger. They are very celebrity sex tapes
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excited that the Air Ranch is "taking off" and look forward to the Backyard Bar-B-Ques & "Hangar Flying" with their new Neighbors.

3rd place with 4 Jacks was Tom Finley of Summerville, South Carolina who flew a Long way to win a $100.00 fuel card from the Nampa Avcenter.

Many other fly-in attendees went home with $20.00 Treasure Valley Coffee cards courtesy of Tom Boyer, and DVD copies of the Priddy Brother's award winning films.

Stay tuned for our next fun outing at the Greenleaf Air Ranch.

View Our Image Gallery From The April 24 Fly In

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